This website digs deep into the holdings of the USC Archives & Special Collections to find references to books and images that help illuminate the relationship between the black experience and Great Britain. It is constructed by students in Dr. Lindsay O'Neill's General Education Seminar "Being Black in Britain, 1500-2000."

Recently Added Items

Relationship Between Sugar and Slavery


A Vindication of the Use of Sugar is a relatively short, 22-page long pamphlet. 1792, the time of the work’s publication, has been an era with…

White Britons view on Imperialism


The picture I chose is a page that sums of the view of this book and the people who wrote it. The main point in this page is that Africa would be…

Castles and Foreign Lands


I found this page from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands particularly interesting because it’s focus is on encountering a…